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Written by nevpalmer

Macclesfield Korean-Kickboxing Academy

I began the academy in July 2000, though to be fair, it was all I'd talked about for the previous year. Id been involved in the martial arts since my school days, and was just buzzing off the thrill of running a club. After a few short months i began to see that there was potential in the club to be more than the average setup; run as a hobby by an enthusiastic amateur. Id go to work and think of nothing but the next session, class, competition, belt test/seminar. So i dropped my full time job for a part time one in retail and began the process of making it happen.


Nev Palmer, professional Kickboxing and Tae-Kwon-Do instructor based in Macclesfield

January 2001, and here I was in a seminar for running a successful martial arts school. Id been doing martial arts for seventeen years , had met only one martial arts professional and here i was in a room full of Legends and wannabes. You can guess which one I was. Enough to say it wasn't what i expected.


I'd booked onto a seminar selling a complete martial arts business solution, for the professionally minded instructor. The message was simple. Be consistent, charge a club rate, expect your students to train regular, advertise, adopt good ideas without shame, have a professional sales and induction process, track data, have a varied program, filter your new starts and LOOK AFTER YOUR CLIENTS. And I thought running the club for a living made me a professional. I returned from the seminar, made the necessary changes, and the academy literally took off.


Full time Kickboxing and Tae-Kwon-Do academy in Macclefield open six days a week

2010. Ive been a professional instructor for over ten years. The academy has gone from a small lockup on Brook st. to a 3600 sq foot, full time Kickboxing and Taekwondo academy in the centre of Macclesfield. We have a team of Home grown, fully qualified instructors, we are open six days a week, and have programs, classes and courses that cater for children from 3years old until adulthood.


All within our family friendly martial arts club. Some of the children that started at three are now in my adult classes, which is something that still makes me smile when i see them. That's the beauty of what we can do at the academy. we've the space and the time to make sure the classes suit your educational needs. So the four year olds learn coordination by kicking balloons, balancing on pads and dodging ping pong balls, the seven year olds learn goal setting and achievement by earning badges and working for belt tests, and the adults, well, you get the idea.

We are a Black Belt school, commited to excellence in Kickboxing & Tae-Kwon-Do martial-arts tuition in Macclesfield

The Academy exists to train students to Black Belt standards and beyond. Our Macclesfield Kickboxing and Taekwondo classes are focused to give you the best tuition, in classes and groups tailored to your needs. The benefits from the training are what interest most of our students; fitness, belts, learning, its all dealt with in the sections about the programs we offer. You'll join to get in shape, bully proof the kids whatever; they're your own reasons. My job is to help you achieve that and then show you what else you can be. You can be more. Take a free trial on me, click here.