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Tel: (01625) 669959 Email : nevpalmer

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Macclesfield Korean-Kickboxing

Our kickboxing programme is a unique blend of Korean martial arts, modern Kickboxing and no white pyjamas. A truly mixed martial arts approach, easy to learn and fun to do.


Our Macclesfield based classes are fast paced and fitness focused. Its a constant challenge for the complete beginner and the advanced practitioner. You hit the pads and learn combinations of moves increasing in challenge as you progress through the course.

Kickboxing improves your fitness & confidence

With our modern Korean-Kickboxing classes, your fitness training is cycled for continuous improvement. Changing the shape of your body, toning you up and increasing your flexibility. Its a great confidence booster, and its good to see the results as you improve, class by class. Our Macclesfield Kickboxing club is a friendly place to go.

Whether you come to our club for a workout, friends or to learn defence, there's nothing like the confidence that grows with knowing you can do it.

FREE 2week Kickboxing trial at the Macclesfield Martial Arts Academy

We'd like you to see for yourself just how much you'll enjoy a new approach to your fitness. That's why we offer you a two week, no obligation, free trial in our Kickboxing classes at our Macclesfield Martial Arts Academy.

People are joining all the time, call us on (01625) 66 99 59 . or take a free trial and see what its all about !