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Children's Kickboxing & TaeKwonDo in Macclesfield


The Macclesfield Black Belt Academy childrens' programs break down into two broad sections "Little Ninjas" and "Little Dragons".

Our Macclesfield academy's Karate-Kids "Little Ninjas" children's program is a martial arts introductory course for children aged 4 to 6 years old, roughly late pre-school and up.

The Karate-Kids "Little Dragons" children's program is a full on high energy Kickboxing & TaeKwonDo martial arts based confidence course for children aged 7 to 11 years old. Take a closer look at these courses by following the links on the menu to the left.

Our younger members love the programs, they get positive role models, confidence boosting reward systems, motivation to stay the course, learn goal setting, and , lets face it, they're a whole load of fun.

We have an non-violent confidence solutions for bullying program and a unique life-skills and personal safety course. We provide opportunities for the children to compete for trophies and medals, attend courses and take part in demonstrations.


Olympic TaeKwonDo, "the Korean Karate" at the Black Belt Academy Macclesfield

TaeKwonDo, often called the Korean-Karate, forms the backbone of our Macclesfield academy's Ninja and Dragons programs.

Children take up the challenge to learn the explosive Olympic style TaeKwonDo and the solid hand techniques of the Korean-Karate, gaining confidence, discipline and focus along the way.

The Black Belt Academy Macclesfield's martial arts program, help your child grow in confidence, class after class. Find our why we are the number one choice for future "Karate Kids" in Macclesfield!

Take a look through our programs and see what the Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy can do for you and your family. And, when you are ready, take the plunge and book a free trial! There's nothing like having a go first.


Two week FREE trial for Macclesfield's future Karate Kids and TaeKwonDo superstars!

We take care of our new members. At our Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy, we offer you and your family a free trial, whatever your choice of program, we want to know you love it first before you join up. See your little Karate Kid in action in our children's TaeKwonDo programs, and know that you've made the right choice. When you've taken your free trial, you will have the confidence that your child will stay the course; that you're in the right place.

Take an in depth look at the various courses and programs... or.. take the plunge.. book your free trial here.