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Proposed Improvement to the Karate-Kids Dragons time table

Written by  nevpalmer
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Improving the Academy Classes

We have seen the opportunity to improve the delivery of training to the current Little dragons group age range 6-11 yrs.

This would involve use selecting students according to their needs, and not belt or age, into two separate classes .
This means we would like to split the Dragons class on Tuesday and Saturday Morning, into two distinct groups, for the sake of argument, “A” and “B”.

Please read this article if it applies to you and then comment at the bottom.

We want to start with Saturday Mornings.

Sat am currently looks like this

  1. Ninjas 11-1130
  2. Dragons 1145-1230
  3. Advanced 1230-1300

We would like to make it look like this

  1. Ninjas 1030-1100
  2. Dragons 1 1130-1215
  3. Dragons 2 1230-1315
  4. Add on sparring and adv class 1315-1330

These changes are basically moving folk by just half an hour either way, and will have a massive benefit to all the students currently in the Dragons class group.


  1. More bespoke improvement plan for each student
  2. More time with each instructor
  3. Better match of syllabus for the group ability range
  4. Higher achievement on the course
  5. Instructor satisfaction
  6. More time to implement reward structure (badges stickers certificates..)

Draw backs

  1. Change we’ve noticed folk don’t like change
  2. Half an hour difference to the daily routine of a client
  3. Occasional tiny classes due to attendance bumps
  4. Instructors work longer for the same income.
  5. Less time for inductions in the

We've noticed folk dont like change, but we believe that this is change for the better



36 year old father of three, owner and founder of the academy. Nev has been teaching, training, and competing in the martial arts for 25 years, and has spent the last ten years running the Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy.

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