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My little boy wont end up karate-chopping his friends will he?

We've been running the academy now for eight years. I have yet to see one of our ninjas behave like this...

We've had quite the opposite happen. Parents bring us children who are already a bit rough in the playground. Its our program that calms them down and channels their energy into something positive.

This is not surprising when you consider that our children's program is one of character education and discipline. We provide a positive outlet for a childs natural urge for the world of rough and tumble.

The discipline of martial arts education helps compartmentalise the kicking and punching games to the martial arts studio. Instruction is the key . The children are educated into finding approapriate responses to various social situations.

Its a great place to be , call today on (01625) 669959  or take a free trial and find out more !