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Confidence solutions to bullying at our family friendly academy

Whatever your age, bullying can affect a person for life. If bullying is an issue for you or a family member then you need to sort it fast. We have had ten years of concerned parents bringing their loved ones to our Macclesfield Korean-Kickboxing Academy for help. And we give it gladly.

You don't need to get all Bruce-Lee on your peers, it's a confidence thing......

Its comforting to know that martial arts are a recommended activity for those suffering from bullying issues. Not that they'll be getting all Bruce Lee on their peers. Its a confidence thing. We've had families who have seen a change from the very first class. And a change for the better..

Macclesfield martial arts bully proofing, how it works..

Our bullying awareness programme works with your child to enhance their personal communication, positive body language & conflict management skills. Plus the boosted self esteem from martial arts training works wonders. And the new friends they'll make are a good thing.


Why not take a free trial first ?

Come down, discuss it all with us and try it first hand with a free trial.. or just give us a call on (01625) 669959.