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Fun Fitness and Friends! Little Dragons Karate-Kids classes at our family friendly Macclesfield Martial Arts Academy

Children have to enjoy what they do, they love having friends and it has to be fun. The Karate-Kid's courses at our family friendly Macclesfield Martial Arts Academy make learning a martial arts child's play.

With games and drills to boost their coordination and challenge their fitness, the time just flies by. They'll be busy having fun, and we know they'll be picking up the skills that can protect them and keep them away from negative peer pressure for life.


Karate Kids, Ninjas & Dragons at the Macclesfield Korean-Kickboxing Academy

Our Little Dragons martial-arts course is just the thing for your budding " karate kid". The Macclesfield academy's Karate-Kids "Little Dragons" program teaches techniques from a broad church. We use skills from karate, jiu-jitsu, judo, kickboxing and of course Tae-kwon-do. We make sure what they learn is child appropriate. Our young ninjas will get the chance to earn badges, belts, certificates, trophies and take part in demonstrations and competitions. All the time boosting their fitness, confidence and making friends. We challenge them and they grow.


Take a free trial on our Macclesfield Academy's Karate-Kids Little Dragons course

You can try out our macclesfield martial arts academy's Karate-Kids Little Dragons classes for free! The classes are combination of after school and weekend time slots, we'll find the best times for you when you take your induction. Book now! Fill in the form for your free trial today! or call us today on (01625) 669959.