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Life Skills in your PJ's at the family friendly Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy

Focus, control, concentration, discipline... Martial arts go hand in hand with character education, particularly in children. All these things are there in the art if you look for them.

At the Black Belt Academy, we go the extra mile. The same focus and control your child needs to perfect their side kick for the next belt, can be applied to calm down and pay attention in a car park. At the Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy, we teach these life skills explicitly to the children involved in our Karate-Kids classes, then we show your child how to use them to improve their life.

Free Trial at the Macclesfield Korean-Kickboxing Academy

Its not all kicking and chopping boards in your PJ's. Book your free trial today ! or give us a call on (01625) 669959