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Macclesfield Adult & Teen Kickboxing and TaeKwonDo classes

The Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy's adult and teen Kickboxing and Tae-Kwon-Do programs are two effective approaches to your family martial arts fitness. Many of our adult members took up Kickboxing for a fitness solution, because they were bored of the gym.  Martial arts classes are a great way to get in shape, tone up, improve your fitness and boost your confidence.


Kickboxing - motivated workouts and never the same class twice...







Adult and teen classes

Adults learn martial arts differently from kids, respond to fitness challenges in a more positive way, and have very different needs for the practical side of the martial arts. That's why our adult classes.. are for adults.  With combinations of evening and weekend classes, you can always find time for your fitness.


Macclesfield Korean-Kickboxing classes

Our Macclesfield Korean-Kickboxing program is a modern approach to martial arts fitness classes, which means a fast paced, practical and effective training class from the word go, hit the pads; learn the moves; its a great calorie burner and there's no white pyjamas.

The classes, at our macc based martial arts centre, are beginner friendly, you don't have to fight, you just workout, enjoy yourself and then come back for more.

Macclesfield Tae-Kwon-Do Classes


TaeKwonDo art form & Olympic sport - the worlds most popular martial art

The Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy's popular Tae-Kwon-Do program is a little different. Tae-Kwon-Do, often called the Korean-Karate, is a dynamic, powerful martial art with ancient links to Korea's proud martial heritage.

In our Macclesfield Tae-kwon-do classes, you learn an art form, an Olympic sport, and a devastatingly effective self protection system.

Take a 2 week FREE trial in Kickboxing or TaeKwonDo in our Macclesfield Academy

We'd like you to see for yourself just how much you'll enjoy a new approach to your fitness. That's why we offer you a two week, no obligation, free trial in any of the Kickboxing or TaeKwondo classes at our Macclesfield Martial Arts Academy.Take a free trial, and see how the academy can find the new you!