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Personal Safety courses at the Macclesfield academy

Love, Nurture, Protect. They're overwhelming drives for a parent. My name is Nev Palmer, I'm the owner of this martial arts academy, and I am a father of three young children, they are my best friends, and my reason to be.

I know that these beautiful children of mine could be martial arts masters in the making, but their ability to throw a kick or a punch will never protect them against a car that cannot see them, or an adult that means them harm. What they learn in my classes will.


Childrens' self protection in macclesfield; what we teach

Our Macclesfield Karate-Kids Personal Safety course is an integral part of our children's martial arts education program. We teach our little Karate-kids to break down the processes that allow a stranger to gain their confidence. We educate our macclesfield Karate-Kids about tricks and lures, how to find help and get noticed if they need it.

We teach the Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy's Karate-Kids how to identify places that leave them exposed, and how to find places where they'll feel safer. We do it over and over again to make sure it sinks in. And then we do it some more.

No we don't fill your child's head with the idea that there are "munsterz under the bed", or that there's a "final destination" style moment awaiting them around every corner. The programme is put together with real skill and sensitivity; the same attention to excellence we apply to every part of our art.


Macclesfield martial arts; Protect your Family, take a free trial today!

Take a free trial, and learn how to protect your child for life..or give us a call on (01625) 669959.