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The Macclesfield Academy Self-Defence Program

We could all feel a little more safe, and we can't always be there to hold the hand of a loved one. Membership of the Macclesfield Academy will help them learn the skills that help keep them safe when you're not around.

The academy self defence programme is designed to adapt your basic instincts into an efficient, meaningful response to a threatening situation. This approach increases your personal safety and does it FAST! The best bit is; you'll be picking up these skills whilst you're having fun and getting in shape.

Awareness & conflict management

We look at situational awareness, conflict management, escalation, dealing with multiple opponents, zones of safety, how to solicit help and creating exit points. In other words, we help you recognise when you need to seek help or avoid a situation before it happens. We give you tools that help you resolve conflict when it does occur, and we give you the best chance of taking decisive action if there's no other choice.

We are aware that often the people most in need of these skills have had experiences that make learning them very uncomfortable. So the course is handled with sensitivity and professionalism.

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Yes you will learn the amazing locks and throws you see in the movies. But first we make sure you have the skills that give you the best chance to walk home a little more safely. Take a free trial and see for yourself just how much sense it makes to be prepared... or just give us a call on (01625) 669959.