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Macclesfield TaeKwonDo the "Korean Karate"

Tae Kwon Do, some times called the "korean karate" is a, practical martial art & Olympic sport, great for fitness and confidence. Our Macclesfield Academy's TaeKwonDo programme gives the intelligent martial artist something more to challenge them as they get fit.


Emphasis, within the classes, is on kicking, footwork, forms (commonly known as kata or patterns) board breaking and Olympic style sports combat. You kick allot of pads and if you really want, learn the art of board breaking (destruction). The self defence element is practical, leverage and power based allowing the practitioner to take on a larger opponent.

Fitness with TaeKwonDo at the Macclesfield academy is a constant aerobic and flexibility challenge. Powering your fitness one move at a time.

The Taekwondo family martial-arts program

The Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy's Tae-Kwon-Do program is a great thing for the family. We have some very successful families coming to class together. For instance, Mike Marley (50 ) and son Luke (14) joined the elite ranks of our Black Belts last year. Luke joined up with a friend whilst he was still in primary school and soon enough dad decided he'd love to get involved himself.

We have families where mum or dad attend adult Kickboxing or Taekwondo classes and the kids go to the Little Dragons "Karate-kids" class. The best thing to do is take a trial and see for yourself.

FREE 2week Kickboxing & Taekwondo trial at the Macclesfield Martial Arts Academy

We'd like you to see for yourself just how much you'll enjoy a new approach to your fitness. Thats why we offer you a two week, no obligation, free trial in our TaeKwonDo classes at our Macclesfield Martial Arts Academy

Take a free trial and find out why TaeKwonDo is the worlds most popular martial art..